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If You Aren't Financing Me Sublimation 12oz Mug transfer

If You Aren't Financing Me Sublimation 12oz Mug transfer

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This is for a sublimation transfer ONLY. You will receive one sublimated transfer to apply to your mug of choice.  You will NOT receive any actual mug or finished product. Mugs and other items are shown to give you an idea of what the transfer will look like once you have applied it.

Please note the transfer will be mirrored so don't get nervous when you receive the product. Once the transfer is pressed the design will face the correct way

Recommended Application Instruction with mug press

Temperature: 350-400F

Time: 150-210 seconds

1. Wrap transfer design around cup with yellow backing facing you. The image should be touching the mug.

2. Use heat safe transfer tape to hold design in place.

3. Insert mug into press and follow recommended settings above. 

4. Wear heat protected gloves and remove mug from press to cool. Be sure to take off transfer tape and transfer backing from the mug before leaving to cool. 

We are not responsible for the outcome of your pressed transfer. Please make sure you are using the correct material, color, and press settings prior to pressing your transfer. Directions vary based on substrate choice.

* Transfer must be used on a substrate coated for sublimation (mugs, etc.) or fabric with at least 65% polyester. 100% polyester is recommended. The higher the polyester count, the more vibrant your image will be. The fabric must be light in color. The image will not show up on black or dark colors. White or gray is recommended.
* These transfers will not print white ink. If there is white in the design it will become the color of the fabric you apply it to.
* A mug press is needed for these designs to ensure you have ample pressure and consistent heat across your design. An iron should not be used for sublimation.
*Further helpful tips for pressing shirts will be included in your package

*The sizes are based on standard sublimation coffee mug dimensions but they may need to be cropped or resized slightly to fit your template.
*Not all sublimation mugs are the same size, so be sure to check YOUR dimensions before you start your project.

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