It's never too late to make a difference. Is there a cause out there that you stand behind and feel deeply about that may need some financial funding or support? We have a great fundraising plan to help you keep fighting for your cause. 

Running a T-shirt/ Apparel fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization or business. At the same time these people giving donations will have something to walk away with. They will have a piece of apparel to advertise your cause. We understand that fundraising can be complicated, but we have an easy risk-free approach. Fundraising for all types of organizations. Whether you are a religious group, community, group, sports team, business, etc. we can get you and your group in our custom inked apparel.

Fundraising done in 

Step 1 Contact us with your organization design idea 

Step 2 Pick a fundraiser timeline.

Step 3 Fill out order forms/ order online.

Step 4 Complete payment process 

Step 5 Print apparel and ship

Allow 7-21 Days for orders to be fulfilled depending on order size and variety.

* If using manual order forms, they must be in by the due date of the fundraiser. All payments collected via order form is the organizations responsibility. Please send payment by check to Killer Ink Tees for total payment for manual order forms. Killer Ink Tees are only responsible for online payments through The apparel for sale online will be priced based upon the agreement by K.I.T and the organization. 

What are you waiting for????

Contact us at to make a difference and get your fundraiser started.